Fastest ring video doorbell to mobile phone?

I’ve got a Doorbell Pro 1 and it’s pretty much perfect but sometimes it’s a little slow when the delivery person is waiting to speak to me, by the time I get the connection and opened the Live View they can be running out of patience and walking back to the van or whatever, but other times it’s very good.

My pro 1’s main button has dissolved almost and its about to fail, so I want to upgrade to the fastest Ring Doorbell which is why I got excited about the doorbell Elite with its Ethernet connection, but unfortunately I’ve seen YouTube videos about legal battles etc, which don’t bother me if the unit performs.

Question: what do you think is the fastest Ring Doorbell for connecting to my iPhone 13 Pro? and let’s assume the 4G signal is strong too.


Hi @Ant1DP. I would say it all depends on your Doorbells signal strength and your wifi speeds. This is why the Elite using an Ethernet connection has its advantage because interference with its wifi signal is not a concern. Also, our Doorbells that can use 5G networks have an advantage because of the faster network speed 5G provides, but your router would have to be pretty close to the Doorbell since a 5G signal does not reach as far as a 2G signal.