Fast Battery Drain

I have two stick up cams mounted outside the house. One camera the battery will drop to about 60-70% charge after one month. The other camera, which is newer, the battery will completely die in about 2 days. The still image capture, and video capture settings are the same on both cameras. It does not matter whether or not there is even motion activity or not. The battery drops fast and then the camera goes off line. I suspect it is a bad battery. What can I do to to fix it?

I have the exact same problem. I purchased two stickup cams (3rd generation) about a month ago and both use solar panels. One of them drains down to 16-20% for no reason while the other stays in the 90% range. It’s warm right now so the cold temps are causing it. Maybe the ones that drain too fast are just lemons?

Hi @Lynchfo. What is the RSSI for the associated camera? If the RSSI is weak, it will cause the battery to drain faster that a Camera with a strong RSSI.