False smoke detector alarms

Over the past two days we have had 3 false smoke alarms, at 2 different houses/systems. Each time the alarm has sounded but thankfully no smoke/fires were occurring. It seems strange to us that 1) it has happened 3 times in 2 days and 2) that it has happened at two different houses that are no where near each other. Has anyone ever had this happened?
It’s not due to batteries as we have checked this. The smoke detectors themselves are First Alert brand but are integrated with our Ring system to alert us and call the fire department.

Hi @user15830. Where are these smoke alarms located? Typically, when a false alarm happens, it is from the location of the smoke alarm or from a dirty smoke alarm. If the smoke alarm is located by a vent, bathroom, or window, it is more prone to false alarms. I would check with the manufacturer to see what the best cleaning method for your specific model is, but usually using a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface works well.