False Rings due to Sunlight

Has anybody experience ghost like “mis-rings” / doorbell errors due to direct sunlight on the RING Doorbell? I have now had this happen multiple times almost exactly at the same time (10:11am) in the morning when the sun is directly in the camera. Doorbell rings and false positive occurs. When you watch the video there was never anyone there to push the button. Either faulty system or my house is haunted.


Hey @NAldridge01! A ding event should only occur upon button push, and should not be triggered by a motion or sunlight. All of our outdoor devices are rated for weather resistance and should not be affected by direct sunlight.

I recommend reaching out to our support team for a more in-depth look at this concern. Feel free to let us know how it goes!

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It’s happened too many times to be a fluke. Next time it goes off I will submit the Ring video of nobody at the door and the event (doorbell ring).

This is happened at our house the past two days at the exact same time as well, when direct sunlight makes contact with the Ring device. I stood there for a minute and it happened again while I was watching. No one pushed the button and yet my Ring alerted the whole house as if someone had physically rang the doorbell. This must be some sort of bug in a recent software update or something.

Hi, I’m experiencing this same issue. It seems to happen around the same time each day. The doorbell will ring throughout the house, like the button was pressed. It only happens on sunny mornings. It seems there is a small window when the sun shines on the doorbell and that’s when it triggers. Could it be a thermal expansion issue where materials are expanding and cause a button/switch trigger in the doorbell?

Happening to me too. The video from it shows it right when the sun comes over the roof line and blasts the doorbell. I went outside to check and it was making constant chirp and flashing blue. Attached is a screenshot from through the doorbell’s lens. I had seen somewhere else that high fluctuations in voltage can cause the chirping. This is a brand new doorbell, a replacement unit for my last one that failed. It is connected to the solar charger. I am assuming that the sudden blast of sun caused the solar panel to send too much power to the doorbell. This would actually be good news since the last doorbell, and the one before it that was also replaced, and this solar charger, and the one before it that had to be replaced never allow the sun to do anything, even charge it 1%.


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This happens to our doorbell every sunny day! I have tried resetting, cleaning the contacts and even covering it with paper!
So annoying almost going to smash it

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I’ve been having the same issue for quite a while with two different units. Between two and five in the Summer afternoon. It has given motion alerts five times while writing this post. I have put tape over the lens to act as blinders and it still does it. I’m not sure of the motion method this thing is using. if it’s pixel changes or actual thermal infrared detection. But I believe it’s more the heat of the sunlight contrasting ground surfaces. Or it could be some sort of internal auto contrast adjustment that is resulting in a image flare which the motion sensing circuitry detects as motion.
!!! Attention ring support!!!
Don’t insult us by telling us it’s not happening. This is an issue, you know it, do something about it or at least tell us you can’t do anything about it. Just be upfront.

Also experiencing false doorbell rings along with a long chirping noise. There’s definitely an issue that Ring needs to resolve. This is very annoying.

Hi @Ajaye! Are these false rings coming from the chime kit inside your home, of from your Ring Doorbell with an event in the Ring app? It’s always good to ensure the battery is fully charged, and there is no wifi interference, to ensure intended Doorbell operation. Feel free to include an example of this concern if it is persisting! :slight_smile:

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On mine, it is a Ring Doorbell with the solar charger alerting the app on my phone and chiming itself. I don’t have an additional chime inside. It happens when the unit has a full charge, is nearly dead, or anywhere in between.

Happens for me as well, exactly the same times, late afternoon, no motion, no cars, nothing - I found out it’s doing it especially when there are clouds moving create a ‘false’ motion. Very annoying.

Yeah it’s got to be the Sun. I’ve been through two units now and they both do the same thing. it’s never ending and Beyond annoying I’m going to have to look for a different doorbell.
Happens to me on sunny days to and the Sun hits my doorbell directly there is no porch.

I have had this same problem with my Ring2 and now my Ring3plus. The time of day this happens changes with the season and of course cloud coverage. These false alerts have happened since day one. It depends on direct sun and a particular angle that the rays hit the sensor, I presume. Wish you could fix this issue.

I am having this same problem each afternoon when the sun peaks around the corner and hits the doorbell. It triggers a false ring as if someone pushed the doorbell.

The same thing happens to us everyday the sun is out. It didn’t happen when we first installed the ring last August. It has started since the sun came back after a gloomy winter. My guess is once the sun moves a little more south in the sky it will stop again. It has gone off 26 times since 8:55 this morning. The first one was the sun just coming over the house across the street. There is definitely an issue with the ring and the sun.

Same thing! So annoying! 10:45am, 10:42, 10:43…