False Positive Notifications following the ring subsciption cancellation

This topic has been brought up, but I’m still not seeing an explanation of why I’m getting constant false notifications after cancelling my subscription. This has happened twice. First time was when I let my free trial run out. Next day, constant notifications. I reactivated my “Ring Protection Plan” and the notifications stopped. I just let it expire and didn’t renew due to the cost. The day after the Ring Protect Plan expired, the notifications started and with consistently (and annoying) regularity.

I’ve seen explanations of tweaking the motion settings, but that doesn’t answer the question. Why is this happening? Why does subscribing stop the notifications???

Other competing video systems don’t charge for video history storage, so I’m very disappointed and will likely go back to the other competing video system.

Hi @bcinva01. This is because there are some features that are specific to Ring Protect Plan subscribers. Some of these features, like Smart Alerts, can filter out unwanted notifications. You can learn more about this here.

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