False motion detection alert when app opened

Hi Ring Community

I’ve noticed an issue recently where I receive notifications that there is motion detected at my gate where I have installed a video doorbell (which has a rather poor connection due to distance from my router) whenever I open the ring app. This is problematic because I often open the app late at night to review the footage collected on all of my ring devices throughout the day, and as my video doorbell is connected to a chime pro in our house, this false notification sets the chime off, which sets the dogs off too!

Is there a reason why this is occurring, and can it be addressed?



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Hey @DimiRing. Do you have any third party apps on your phone that kill background apps? This could be preventing the notification from being sent while your app is not open, and therefore then sending the notification to your phone and chime once the Ring app is active and open again. Also, do you ever get notifications outside of when you open the Ring app? Please let me know what iPhone and iOS you’re working on as well! :slight_smile:

I am also getting a false motion detection alarm when I open event history in the app. I am using an android phone.

It is a new issue, I’ve had the door bell for well over a year and it has only started this in the fast few weeks.

Thanks for your response Chelsea.

I’m operating iOS13.4.1.

I have no idea if any of my apps kill background apps!

I do sometimes get notifications when I’m not operating the Ring app.



Hey neighbors, stepping in for Chelsea here. @Savage It looks like you were able to find a resolution for your concern in another thread, but feel free to chime in if anything else has come up.

Thank you for sharing those details @DimiRing. I’d recommend ensuring the Apple iOS is fully updated, as well as ensuring there are no battery-saving apps downloaded as these can impact notifications coming through. Also, please check out this Help Center Article that is specific to notification concerns for iOS devices here. Let us know how that works for you. :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue with false motion notifications when opening the app (and also have the barking dogs issue as well). Has there been a resolution on this issue? The link provided above seems to apply to only when someone is not receiving notifications, rather than false notifications.

@burrowsea Based on the behavior of the notifications not popping up until you open the Ring App, it sounds as if they’re being suppressed in some manner by a setting such as Do Not Disturb or a battery saving app. That’s why you’ll want to follow those troubleshooting steps in the Help Center article listed, as well as ensure DnD is disabled if you’re on iOS.

If this concern persists after trying those steps, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers availablehere. They can take a closer look at this for you and diagnose the cause of this concern. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19here to see how to contact support.

Same issue here… there is no nested alerts (recorded at a previous time). Likewise when we get this false alarm. (When opening the app) it alerts on multiple devices - do you really think an undelivered alert due to a “power saving” app would suddenly work (be delivered) through different devices?

I’m quite disappointed that your customer support is just grabbing an old FAQ and pushing it out there. Did you ever follow up with the people who posted above? I’m sure they are still having the same issue. But you keep pushing ‘its someone else’s fault’

I agree - having the SAME issue. Receive motion alerts just fine, but each time I open the app - the alert goes off and there is no motion. No matter when I open the app. I would like to know why this is happening or how to stop it or else I will need to cancel my subscription.

Based upon the comments like “Based on the behavior of the notifications not popping up until you open the Ring App”, I don’t think this problem is fully understood. The problem is NOT that ring alerts aren’t popping up. on time. They are doing that just fine. The problem is, when you open the alert to look at the video, the action of opening the alert triggers more motion alerts when there are none.

This happens whether you open an alert that just happened, or when you open an alert from an hour ago. About 30% of the time I open any Ring pop-up alert, whether recent or old, it triggers more false motion alerts.

I have had this problem for a year through several different versions of IOS, and many Ring app updates. Hoping somebody has a solution because it drives me crazy and wakes up my family in the middle of the night when I am checking alerts. There is a comment from Caitlyn_Ring that a solution is in another thread, but I don’t see any mention of another thread – can somebody post a link if there is another thread that solves this?

Hi @peter123. Chiming in for Caitlyn here. If possible, would you be able to provide a short video or screen recording of this happening? This will give us a better idea of what is happening. I will then be able to share this with my team and see if we can come up with a possible solution or the next best steps. When attaching this video, you will need first gather the share link of the video. You can upload this video somewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply.