False Fire/smoke Alarms

This is the second time I had to deal with a false alarm and even though I disabled the alarm from the keypad within 15 seconds, each time the Fire department was dispatched…

First time a plumber was soldering, so I can see the smoke alarm going off, but the second time it was just steam coming out of the kid’s bathroom. Surely there is a easily discernable difference between steam and smoke!!!

  1. Each time Ring calls my number it goes straight to VM. No one else calling my cell has the same issue. They claim they called twice, but my phone log shows no such earlier call. It’s always a Vm giving me a control nbr.

  2. We are not given enough time to call back and cancel the dispatch. When you call back, it takes too long to reach someone and cancel. The first time I was put on hold for 5 min.

I should be able to cancel the alarm with a specific code (separate from the disarm code) which automatically cancels the dispatch.

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Sorry to hear about this experience @MikeT ! For the most efficient dispatch and professional monitoring experience, we recommend saving the Central Monitoring Station’s number in your phone, as well as listing multiple emergency contacts in case you cannot be reached for any reason.

If the calls are being blocked or sent straight to voice mail, it might be best to check in with your provider. Check out our help center article on the emergency process for more tips on preventing false alarms. I hope this helps!


Fair enough as to the voice mail issue, but how do you explain the smoke sensor going off because of shower steam and not smoke??


First Alert uses photoelectric smoke sensor like many other manufacturers do. If something like smoke entering the sensor chamber, the light sensor detects it and send alarm. Steam does reduce light brightness too. It just can’t tell if it’s smoke or steam. The manual does state not to install it near a steamy bathroom. It’s not just First Alert, any smoke detectors use the same technique have the same issue.

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same, this is the second time my rink alarm has gone off with no smoke or steam.

this needs to be checked as i dont want to get bills from fire department