False Alerts through Alexa

My doorbell is connected to my Alexa devices and recently (the last week or two), my Alexa devices have started to announce “Someone is at your front door.” Motion alerts are disabled. Motion detection is enabled, with smart alerts set to only record. My ring device is not capturing video and there is no motion near my house.

When someone actually presses my doorbell, the Alexa devices will show a live view of the camera.

I have tried disabling the Alexa skill and re-enabling it. I have tried actually pushing the doorbell to see if it is stuck. I have danced around to cause “motion.”

Its driving me crazy and making my dog bark for no reason.

Good call on removing the Ring skill / routine and re-adding it in the Alexa app. Please also ensure the connection for both devices is sufficient. I recommend also ensuring there are not other Ring devices integrated with your Alexa device.

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