False alarms

Hello, I have an indoor Ring camera in my living room facing my front door. On that front wall is also three large windows and lately I’ve gotten woken up in the middle of the night to motion in my living room. But, each time, upon reviewing the video, it’s been a car’s headlights panning the front of my house. I have turned off the infrared setting that says to shut it off if the camera faces windows and it still does. Any other pointers for me to avoid being woken to the bejesus scared out of me?

Hey @DaniS8277. Thanks for detailing what you’re done here, as you are smart to try and see if turning off the Infrared helps! Since you have the Indoor Cam, have you tried to put up Motion Zones that exclude your Windows? This may help with the camera ignoring these areas setting off the camera with passing cars. This will be done under the Motion Zones settings for your Indoor Cam. If you find no relief with this, I recommend looking at placing the camera in a different area that does not face windows. Let me know how this goes! I wouldn’t want to be spooked like that late at night either. :joy_cat: