False alarms all day

Have a doorbell 2 and spotlight cam that have worked ok so far. Noticed the other day it doesn’t pick up all motion, especially at night. Today I’m getting false motion detection on both. 15 so far on the doorbell this morning and up to 25 already on the spotlight cam on the other side of the house. Was there an update or something causing this??

Hi @Pk0668. I would suggest looking at this guide here. This will have some great tips and tricks for optimizing the Motion Detection in your Doorbell. What’s great about this is a lot of the principles there, can be applied to your Camera as well! I would try some of those suggestions for a few days and see if you notices any improvement.

If you’d like some advice, try posting a screenshot of your cameras view so that the Community can help identify anything that may cause a false activation or have an idea on how to best make adjustments. I hope this helps.