False alarm with big noise but no notification

My ring system suddenly have a false alarm without any notification. It’s never happened before, wondering what is the issue…

And want to know if anyone got this issue before?

Timeline as below:
Disarm at 6am and eat breakfast as normal
System suddenly alarm with a big noise without any notification (we are in disarm mode)
Tried to keep disarm the system but cannot stop the noise , we need to alarm our system to away then disarm the system again to fix this issue

is your alarm system schedule and is it connected to your alexa if you have?

Hi @Harmony2. Your Ring Alarm will only sound the siren when the system is armed and a sensor has been tripped. As @lalalala mentioned, I’d recommend checking your Mode Schedules to see if you have a schedule in place to automatically arm your system. If that isn’t the case, it would be best to reach out to our support team and request to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically. They can take a closer look at things on the back end.

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I did not set up any schedule for the system. I just checked only camera connected with Alexa.

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