Failed to connect

I switched my internet provider and I am able to connect to my ring app while at home on the wifi, but when I leave to go to work or anywhere away from the wifi,I can no longer get a live view, I get failed to connect message.

I’ve had the ring doorbell 2 for several years, the only difference now is a new ISP

Hi @oatgla. What is your current ISP? Do you have a VPN in use? Are you able to view the Live View when on It is possible that there may need to be some adjustments that need to be made to your router.

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Hello, I don’t have a VPN, I have T-Mobile Internet it is one device a modem/router, so I may need to make adjustments but I don’t know what adjustments that would be. I cannot see the live video on, and again when I am connected to the wifi the live view does work. Also I went through ring doorbell activation without any problems.

Hi @oatgla, happy to step in for Tom here. When you switched your internet service provider, were any changes made to your cell phone provider as well? Since the Live View works fine when you are connected to wifi but doesn’t work when you’re away from home, this would indicate that it’s likely a problem with your cellular data.

I’d recommend following up with your cell phone provider to see if any adjustments were made to your data plan, or if there are any new security settings in place that could be impacting your ability to access the Live View on your Doorbell.

No, no changes were made to my cell phone or cell service, it’s actually T-Mobile cell service.
And it only works with the wifi at home, if I connect to other wifi providers it stops working

@oatgla It’s not likely that there’s an issue with the wifi connection to the Ring device, since you’re able to access Live View when you’re on wifi at home. You can try checking your Doorbell’s RSSI when you’re attempting to connect to Live View and it doesn’t work to see if the RSSI is showing any intermittent issues with the wifi connection. I’d also recommend reviewing the ports and protocols used by Ring devices since you did just swap to a new internet service provider.

Ah ok, I’ll look into protocols and ports, thank you for the link, I’ll update once I’ve looked into it.

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