Failed Flood lights on Security Camera

I live in Alberta Canada and after this winter my flood lights that are apart of the Camera assembly have failed. They turn on but very dim so the LED has failed. Is there replacement heads for this camera that I can get. The camera and flood lights are about 2 1/2 years old.

Hi @seanpeppard. We do not have replacement lights for the Floodlight Cam. If you can, please contact our support team here to see if you are still within your warranty to get a replacement device, if not, they will work out the best next steps for you! :slight_smile:

Your support response is crap. You keep giving a link that comes back to community Q&A. My BRAND new ring cameras all of the sudden stopped giving video feed. Any suggestions

@Jdb The link provided is to our Get In Touch page, which provides you all phone numbers you can call to try to reach us. I was encouraging the neighbor to give our support team a call to get this addressed, as the only direct line to support at this time is via phone call, due to the staffing restrictions we have from COVID-19.