Fail to reconnect to doorbell

Today my internet service was suspended for about 3 hours due to routine maintenance. After resetting my modem, my wifi restarts to work well with the same password. But all of my devices show offline. I tried to reconnect these devices to wifi, but initially, it didn’t work.

I have four battery-powered- stick-up cameras and one doorbell(2nd generation) with a chime.

I read the website of Ring how to fix this issue:

  • If you have a device with a removable battery, remove the battery and wait 15 seconds before reinserting it. This will reboot the device, which may help to fix wifi connectivity issues.

I followed this instruction and all of the Cameras with removable batteries now are working well. The chime also connects to wifi too.

Unfortunately, my video doorbell(2nd generation) doesn’t have a removable battery, therefore it still shows offline. Even if I tried to do all of the solutions: 1 recharge the battery, 2. restart my modem at least three times, 3… reconnect to wifi over 10 times, still failed to connect to my wifi. I don’t know how to fix it. Thus I am writing to ask for your help.

Hi @user39195. You can perform a reset on your Doorbell. To do this, press and hold the Setup Button for 20 seconds, then release it. Once you’ve done this, you will reconnect it to WiFi. Let me know if this helps!