Fail to authenticate on iOS app


I am a new user and I was trying to set up my Ring Camera.
I downloaded the iOS app and tried creating my new account but it kept failing on the last step after I created my password.
I resorted to creating my account through the Ring website which all worked fine.

But now, when I try to log in to the Ring iOS app using that same email/password I get the two factor authentication page which asks for a code sent to my phone - which I enter. Then, there is a small loading screen and it says “Verification Failed”. I tried this multiple times, same results each time.

I tried uninstalling / reinstalling the app as well - still same issue.

Any help would be appreciated! This is preventing me from using my new camera!

Hi @user71407. What country are you located in? Do you have any VPNs installed on your phone? Which version of the Ring app are you currently running?