Facebook Portal and Ring

Is ther any way to get my Ring Doorbell to showup on my Facebook Portal?

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Ring certainly does work with Facebook Portal. The Facebook Portal has Alexa built-in, which means you just need to download the Amazon Alexa app and add the Ring Skill. I’d make sure your device(s) show up under the Alexa app.

Once that is done, ensure your Ring devices are showing on the Alexa app and that Alexa is running on your Facebook Portal, and then you can say “Alexa, show me my front door” for instance, to see video. :slight_smile:


Will Ring alerts with live camera automatically appear on the Portal screen when someone rings the doorbell? Or is it necessary to ask Alexa to show the front door?

Sadly, I just learned from Facebook Portal support that Ring doorbell alerts do not automatically appear on Portal, it’s necessary to ask Alexa to show the camera when someone rings the doorbell, so not a very useful implementation at this time. :frowning:

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Still can’t get ring doorbell camera view on portal. What else can I try

Try watching this video, it help me get everything setup.


It was a bit of head scratcher since the portal doesnt seem to allow you to download any apps. However, in Settings > Accounts, I did see ‘Amazon Alexa’ as one of the options. So I found that I needed to create an Alexa account from your PC. This may be associated with Amazon.com, but I created the same user name and password for Alexa (alexa.amazon.com). I also made sure to have my Ring.com account and logged in from my PC. It was also helpful to know your Facebook/portal login info. Then go o to the Portal Settings > Accounts. Select the Amazon Alexa option > log in and when all the accounts are logged in and on the wifi, it works great. I fumbled around a bit with this, so hopefully this is correct and helpful to someone.

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We can see and listen to visitors, but it would be nice to be able to speak to them also.


The integration between portal and ring is completely stupid.

Ring doesn’nt wake up Portal, and it’s not possible to talk to the ring with Portal.

Useless ! Bye bye Ring…

How do you get it to show you when it detects motion without asking?

You _CAN_ use the FB Portal microphone as shown on the page https://portal.facebook.com/features/alexa/ to talk through Ring’s speaker.

You just need to press the microphone icon.

Hey. Following up on this. Quite frustrating.

I’m trying to set up a routine through Alexa to show the ring camera on Facebook portal when someone rings the bell.

However, in the routine set up - the Facebook portal device doesn’t seem to appear in the list of devices I can show the camera on. Any advice??