Extremely short battery life

I have the Doorbell 4 for about a week now. I expect learning curves for a new device. First time the device was activated and running the battery life was about 8 hours. After adjusting the activity zone and how many alerts and snapshots to extreme minimal or turned off settings. It is now a generous 12 hours before I have to switch out the battery. Good thing I bought the two battery/charger pack.

My router is several years old (ancient in tech life) and at first the RSSI signal was in the 30’s, with the doorbell literally on the other side of the wall. Now that I purchased a new router the RSSI signal is in the mid to upper 40’s and the battery life is still poor as ever.

I might add that it is also connected to a solar panel. Hardwiring was not a option. Also the Stickup cameras that I purchased are working flawlessly and I absolutely love them. But I’m getting a bit frustrated with this device. It was stated to have at least a three month battery life. Hell, I would be tickled pink with it lasting three weeks like some people are getting. I’m needing some assistance with this matter.

Thank you

Odd. I don’t know if the doorbell cameras use the same batteries as the spotlight cameras but I can get about 5-6 months on a battery. Are you sure you are fully charging the battery until both green lights are illuminated? Do you hae a second battery to try to see if one battery is defective? I would call Ring and have then send out warranty replacement batteries if that doesn’t work and also chat with them to see if by chance they think there is a problem with the doorbell camera itself too.

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