Extremely poor video performance after last update/push

Extremely poor video performance after last update/push. So bad I had to replace the camera with a different brand. My floodlight camera is now at my regular home with the strongest, fastest internet around and the video performance is terrible. I’ve heard this has been others experience since the last update/push by Ring

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Hi @userJeffNo. I’d be happy to see what troubleshooting steps I can offer, but it would be helpful to have more information on exactly what concern you’re experiencing first. Do you have a video example you can share of what you’re seeing? Is this happening with Live View, recorded video, or both?

Same here, two cameras in two locations and both were affected the same. Before the update the cam at one location with very good street lighting went from picking up nearly all cars (handy as drug dealers are common in the area) to near pitch black with minimal detail and no video. I’ve compared to footage from the same time and date last year and they have clearly at very least reduced the quality and not even subtly.

The one at my home is also the same and not recording during the night even with a security light. Feels like they’ve been deliberately retrograded to make them useless for outside recording to encourage users to buy expensive outdoor ones. That or they want less videos uploading to their servers…

I know the issue sits on the side of Ring and nothing to do with internet or anything my side (the locations are 200 miles apart!). I’ve seen nothing but blame on us users so far.