External sirens needed

We’ve installed our alarm today and you can’t hear the siren very well at all outside of the house. As we have multiple ring cameras around the perimeter the option to have those sirens sound in additional to the internal one would be great.

Id like to see the linked devices option for the alarm split into two sections, one to be for entry delay to have the option to trigger recording and sounds as it does now and then separately alarm sounding to have options for recording, lights and sirens. Shouldn’t be too much of a leap from what’s already there.

Maybe a maximum external siren ring time to ensure that they only ring for 10 minutes so a false trigger wouldn’t ring all day.

In the UK people are used to all alarms having external sirens, so this is a big lose if moving to this alarm.


@bellasmummy wrote:

Maybe a maximum external siren ring time to ensure that they only ring for 10 minutes so a false trigger wouldn’t ring all day.

An external siren is a frequently requested device in this community. So maybe . . . someday . . .

Where I live there is a law that an external alarm siren must stop after 15 minutes.


I am also in need of a external siren so neighbors can hear when my alarm goes off.

Is ther any plans fron Ring to add a external siren?


I’m in need of this as well. It’s the only real shortcoming of Ring Alarm now, is there is no way to just hookup an external (outdoors) loud siren (125db or better). It would also be helpful to be able to add outdoor strobes to the Ring Alarm.


I’ve just bought a Ring alarm system

and I am shocked Ring has no external siren and no glass break sensor available.

What’s the point of indoor siren if no neighbor can hear it?

Is Ring in the alarm system industry?


Some day! Well if you plan to increase your market share sort it out! I’ve had several discussions with others getting alarms or who got different alarms specifically because it DID NOT have an external alarm. Now I thought it would be loud enough, so went with RING, but have to say, it ain’t that loud during testing. Disappointed you’ve not resolved this yet… but I’ll stick with you guys cos… I like the self manageability, and it doesn’t look crap like some other DIY alarm systems… (and I can’t be bothered doing this again).



I’ve got one on the driveway, the back of the house, living room…all of these going off should then alert my neighbours enough…

Or give us an external loud DB bell ??


Hi @Ring_Jon

Others have been requesting the feature that you are looking for, with some slight variations. But you can see that you aren’t alone!

There are also many similar posts in other Ring forums, but now Ring Teams look for request here in the “Feature Board Request” forum, and so I did not include those other too-numerous links. I just linked only “Feature Board Requests.”

If you like the idea for an OUTDOOR SIREN (that can tolerate the outdoor weather) and/or sounding the CAMERA SIRENS too, then make your vote be heard by clicking on the all the links below, and then click on the “Thumbs Up” icon on the beginning thread (upper-left side) of the originator’s post request. Make your voice be heard and add your “Thumbs-up” vote :

More “Thumbs Up” Kudo votes will better get the attention of the Ring Teams. I apologize for any similar “Feature Board Requests” that I’ve might have missed. But if I can miss them, then so can the Ring Teams.

Let’s all mass together our Kudo votes & efforts for an Outdoor Siren and/or sounding the Camera Sirens too!

Submitted by @Dannyb1991 :


Submitted by @Jesterbw :


Submitted by @deefish :


Submitted by @FarmerBrad :


Submitted by smiley250 :


Submitted by LMR :


Submitted by WesleyAldred :


Submitted by DrTej :


Submitted by DanHolloway :


Submitted by MikeP :


Submitted by Leslew :


Submitted by PaddyMc :


Submitted by Rand :


UNITE and Thumbs-up VOTE! Get Ring Team’s Attention! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Cheers buddy, I’ve literally kudos’d the lot


@Ring_Jon wrote:
Cheers buddy, I’ve literally kudos’d the lot

Excellent! And I too would welcome a Kudo here for me. It was a pain in the butt finding all those links. LOL :slight_smile:

Take care!


Your wish is my command ??


Yes!!! An external siren is badly needed.


I’m not so sure Ring are listening here… not enough of us shouting about it! Personally, I don’t think they make all the difference to stopping someone breaking in, but once they are in, it has the “potential” to draw attention to the property, which might

  1. make a thief either panic and lose focus, minimising theft/damage or

  2. Immediate departure

  3. Have no effect

Our system is literally inaudible from outside. The only reason I know it goes off because I’ll get an alert …

I do live in a friendly neighbourhood, so I know I would have someone check the property if they heard the alarm if I asked them too.

Come on Ring how hard can it be to create a powered wired with wireless connectivity box with a bell???

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Ring has listened to all the Kudo votes on the numerous “Feature Request” board and the camera sirens can also now be linked to the Alarm Base Station siren! So now when the Base Station siren goes off, the Ring cameras (that have siren feature) can also sound off with their siren!

So, I immediately went to my Ring App to link mine also! But, I was briefly disappointed when I tried to do it because I did not initially see any change in the App. It initially appeared to still only make the cameras record when the alarm sounded . . . until I looked more closely. So, yes, the camera sirens CAN be linked now by:

  • Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Linked Devices > Alarm Sounding >

After selecting “Alarm Sounding”, this is where I was briefly disappointed because I thought it was still just to select the cameras to only record. Then I noticed the “Explanation-Point” Icon, just right of the “Camera” Icon. Now I understood that by selecting this “Explanation-Point” Icon, it links the camera’s siren to the alarm too! So after selecting “Alarm Sounding” then:

  • Select “Explanation-Point” Icon for the cameras you wish to sound off their siren with the Base Station > then “Save”.

Wonderful! Thank you Ring! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Totally agree. I appreciate an indoor siren helps to irritate a burgler once they’re inside my house, but without an outdoor siren, my neighbors won’t be alerted that the burglar also needs his a-- kicked. Burglars don’t mind a noisy house if no one knows they’re inside it. And let’s be honest, the indoor-only Dome siren that Works with Ring isn’t very loud.

Hey neighbors! We are excited to inform you of our soon to be available Alarm Outdoor Siren. For our US neighbors, you can currently pre-order the Alarm Outdoor Siren here. For our UK neighbors, pre-orders will be available soon as described on the Alarm Outdoor Siren UK webpage. As always, thank you for your feedback and for being the best part of the Ring Community! :slight_smile:

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Where are these external sirens? The above link is not working.

Looks like this is the reason?

ADT and Ring Settle Trademark Dispute

June 24, 2021 at 1:13 PM EDT

Ring will release a new version of its Outdoor Siren product and will discontinue the marketing and sale of the current design