External siren DC power (mains)

I have just pre-ordered my ring external siren for the front of my house.

Looking to use DC mains power as I have installed electric in my attac.

Wondering what I need to order to get this working on mains ?
Obviously the cable will need to be longish to reach my sockets in the attic.

Model of the siren is - 5AT3T4



Hi neighbor, great question. You will be able to use this Plug In Adapter with the Outdoor Siren.

Hi Marley, having contacted the Ring helpline and speaking to one of your assistants in the US, there seems to be a lack of information regarding what is available to us in the UK. I discussed in depth the mains power requirements for the Ring External Siren, I am aware that you require a transformer but I do not want to plug one into a plug socket as I do not have any near my siren. I require a DIN Rail transformer; could you please advise me on the specification requirements for a DIN transformer? e.g. 240v input 28V 12W output (is that correct?)

Hi @Mandon75. More information about the Outdoor Sirens power options can be found here, under the Power and Connectivity section. The mains wall power requirements are as follows- 9V to 28V, 12W DC. I hope this helps.