External Ring Camera. Goes on and off

My camera mounted external has worked for months. It is located out side our house about 30 feet from the base station. I have recharged the battery and while it first connected it stopped and about 30 minutes later came back on. Moved the camera more than twice the difference from my back deck in a different room and it works. It is cold outside probably around 32 and it certainly can get colder. Will these cameras not work in that condition. It has been colder this wintera nd it worked then. Any suggestions and does anyone know how to contact Ring

Hi @MitchVail. Ring Security Cameras connect to your router via a wifi connection, so the placement of your Ring Base Station doesn’t affect the connection. What is the approximate distance between your Camera and your wifi router? Also, which model of Ring Camera is this? You can find the device name on the Device Health page or on the original packaging. Cold weather can definitely cause issues with the lithium-ion batteries used in battery powered Ring Cameras.