external power keeps killing the Ring2

So i have a Ring 2 and bought the power supply in the link below to run from my basement wires into the back of the Ring2, it shows in the app on my phone that it is working by the power source showing hard wired vs battery and then a few months later it changes back to battery and the battery dies, The power supply is outputting 18V still when i put a voltmeter on the Ring screw but its not working. Ring has swapped out my dooribell a few months ago and it waorked again as it should but again about a week ago i got an alert that the battery is dyin and the app no longer shows a hard wired connection. Im not sure what else could possible be wrong

I read about a diode but that doesnt seem to be related being im not hooking it into an existing system, just going from the power supply straight to the Ring2

Power adapter.- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DT3MVSM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Hey @brichi! This power supply looks to have a sufficient power rating, and should not require a diode. Keep in mind that the charge coming from the power source will depend on the number of events, outside temperature, and other factors that lead to battery draining. Feel free to look into one of our Plug-In Adapters to rule out any power supply concerns. :slight_smile:

Just an FYI. There is a recent fix that some have tried and may help. It involves placing washer under the screws to make a better contact.

I haven’t tried it myself yet. But you should be able to find it if searched here.

I had a Doorbell 2. I used the charger you tried and the Ring one. Both if them could never keep up and my battery slowly drained. Not freezing cold here either. Well, I gave up a got the Pro. I use the Ring charger with the Pro doorbell and haven’t had any power issues at all anymore.
So maybe the washer trick may work or there is some kind of issue with the doorbell 2. There have been so many posts saying their doorbells worked for a year or more never losing any charge. But the last 3 months something changed. Hope this helps

Here is that possible fix from @bobbetts.
Well, I fixed it. I hardwired it and it wouldn’t charge and my inside chimes wouldn’t work. Short story; the screws on the back plate are not electrically connected to the circuit card where the contact strips are for the doorbell unit. It’s possible to put wires under the screws and not have them contact the contact strip that touches the doorbell once it’s installed. Fix; 2 small #4 flat washers under the screws and it’s fixed !!! I reinstalled the doorbell and the charge light came on. I pushed the button and the inside chimes work ! The ‘device health’ screen now says that it’s ‘hardwired’. I’m waiting to see if the charge % goes up…fingers crossed. I feel that this is a DESIGN FLAW and that ring should take appropriate action.

Here is that thread I mentioned too.

i know factors will effect the charge but the device doesnt even show that its hardwired anymore, always says battery

thanks for the washer tip, i will give it a shot!

Exact same here. I have multiple Ring products (stick up cam, spotlight cam, floodlight cam, and both Ring Pro and Ring 2 doorbells). Never had an issue with any hardwired but suddenly one of my Ring 2’s started losing power, even when it said hardwired. battery keeps draining and this only started like a month or so ago. No change in weather or motion settings (it’s Phoenix so I hope they don’t tell me 118º is too cold). I will measure the voltage at the doorbell terminals and if it is 16V or more I will try the washer trick after yet again recharging the battery manually, but otherwise will call them about this firmware update.

Two questions:

  1. When you add the small washers do you completely remove the screws from the doorbell’s back plate and reattach them thru the holes in the washers or just slide them halfway under from the edge? I can’t remember if the screws on the terminals on the back plate come all the way off or not.

  2. Does anyone know if you can use the pro power kit that comes with Ring Pro doorbell with the chime used with a wired Ring 2 doorbell? Will that boost power? If power is good enough at doorbell I guess point is moot however. Hope washers work!