External IR Light

Would an external IR light work with these cameras to extend to viewing and to light up more of the area it is viewing?

Yes it would. You can buy external IR lighting. I have overlapping camera coverage in a few areas, which means one picks up the IR from the other, and it works very well. Same as external to each camera, but it is done with more cameras.

The 2 external ones I have are both IR. I believe all external ones come equipped that way.

Yes I know that but they say they only work with a certain wave length camera just wondering if anyone has a set up using them I conjunction with ring products

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I use a couple of 48 LED Illuminator IR Infrared Night Vision Light Security Lamp For CCTV Camera from Amazon that work very well with my Ring Floodlight Cam.

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It would be handy to know which IR wavelengths the cameras are sensitive to so you buy the right IR illuminators.

IR LED wavelength of 850nm works great with the Floodlight cam.


Perfect, thank you!