External Antenna Connector on Alarm Pro Base Station

The external antenna connection on the bottom of the Alarm Pro Base Station. Is that for an external antenna for Wi-Fi or for LTE? Has anyone used an external antenna with it?? I’m hoping its for LTE because my LTE signal is weaker than id like and id like to try and improve it with an external antenna but i see no information about this port in any of the ring documentation.

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Hey there, I am a tech guy which qualifies me to answer this question. The port under the base pro station is for an external cellular antenna. The part that is in the base station should be a TS9 copper port. I am on Amazon now trying to find the right antenna. Once I test the antennas I will let you know which will work. Hope this helps!

The Alarm Pro Base Station does not have an external antennae port. We advise not altering your Ring devices in anyway that is not intended by design. Feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile:

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Beg your pardon, Marley, but that’s simply wrong. Have you looked at the bottom of base station? The antenna port is right there.

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I agree. Mine has a port for it as well. Do we know which antenna fits this?

Here’s a picture of it.

Hi neighbors! We don’t advise using any third-party accessories for your Ring Alarm or utilizing any ports you may see on the Base Station other than the plug for the power cable or the ethernet port. Altering or dismantling your Ring device may void your warranty. You can learn more about your device’s warranty here.

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can someone tell me the proper size connector for this? I have the Job Site Security Kit (Box) and want to mount external antenna. Box has connectors inside and out, just need the proper connections.

Has anyone done this successfully i.e. connect an external cellular antenna to improve backup reception?

After researching this for a bit, I noticed that most cellular devices these days either have 2x2 or 4x4 antennas. Even if this jack is for an antenna, it’s likely not very effective.

After the first serious outage, I racked 17 GB of extra data, even with pretty poor reception. Miserable experience, and pretty expensive at $3 per GB. I no longer think that Ring’s backup internet solution is feasible for anything other than reporting a break-in attempt.

Fortunately, Eero has just introduced a way to get backup internet from any wi-fi network nearby, which is brilliant. I got a separate T-Mobile hotspot ($90) and a Waveform antenna ($400 for a kit). A little expensive, but I can get true 5G speeds with this kit, and I don’t have to worry about crazy overages next time there’s an outage. Perhaps another option is to make good friends with your neighbor and just use their wi-fi as a backup. I’ll try that some time in future :slight_smile: