Extension for Door View Cam possible?

Hi everyone,

I have been really excited to join the Ring community and I purchased a Ring Door View Cam about a month ago from Amazon. Now I finally got around to installing it and … it doesn’t fit. I am literally missing less than 5mm, which is really annoying. I could swear that I measured the door before my purchase, but unfortunately, I must’ve made a mistake.
Is there any way to fit this to a door that is slightly thicker than intended?

Hi there, @jakeherp! For peepholes that might be too large, there is indeed an adapter piece included for fitting the Door View Camera on your door. It looks like, however, you are referring to the width or thickness of the actual door. In this case, there is not an adapter piece for extending the mounting width. The same goes for the flex cable used to connect both Door View Camera assemblies. I’ve referenced our help center article about Door View Camera installation to confirm this. Feel free to check around the Community to see if other neighbors may have accomplished something similar! :slight_smile: