Extending video recording

How can I extend the recording time on a motion alert on my spotlight battery camera

Hi @JWC095. Battery operated devices will have a limit of 30 seconds for recordings, and our hardwired devices will have a 60 second limit. If you are interested in having 60 second recordings, I recommend upgrading to the Spotlight Cam Wired! :slight_smile:

I have a stick up camera Hardwired

that only records 20 seconds can I extend it to more as it switches off after 20 and doesn’t re-record after the initial 20 secs it Only records being linked to my front door or by tapping it to go live the Motion sensors do not seem to work at all Help Please

Budgie ( uk )

Hi @stevebutler ! Where in the UK? My travel bug is really missing Europe adventures! By the way, when did you install your device?

Hi Jennifer

I am in Bognor Regis West Sussex on the South coast ( near Brighton )

we’ve started with Door bell pro, Just over a year ago ,which is great ,2 nd Ring was a stickup camera for back garden with a Solar panel that doesn’t seem to charge tha battery at all ,very disappointing had to reposition camera solar panel coz it doesn’t charge battery,So I have to recharge battery

3rd purchase 2 months ago stickup camera Hardwired , The Motion sensor doesn’t work at all unless you tap the camera ,The only way I’ve managed to get it to work is by linking it to the Door Bell pro ,BUT it refuses to work even if I stand in front of it ,Its facing front drive to protect cars ,Just doesn’t work

Hope this can get me an result

Best Wishes


Steve Butler (Budgie )