Extending Range of Motion Zone


Does anyone know of a way to extend the range for the motion zone? When someone from Amazon delivers a package, it doesn’t detect any motion at all. I tried going into the motion zones, and extending it as far as I can, but it doesn’t go far enough. Is there a way to extend it, or have it record when any motion is detected within it’s viewing angle?

With the way my house is setup along with the positioning of the older doorbell, the best I can get it is to just barely get part of the porch steps before the steps actually start. If I use the wedge mount, it will either make it so I can’t see the steps or the little bit of the area in of the door that it currently has, or the other way where it won’t see anyone coming up.


Hi there @vdn20. There is not a way to extend the range of the Motion Zones that are available in the Ring App. As every home is different, you may need to adjust the Motion Zones and the positioning of the Doorbell itself to find what works best for you. You may find this Help Center Article on the proper positioning for the Doorbell 2 helpful as well. :slight_smile:

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