Extended warranty problem

I bought an extended warranty on a two pack of spot light cameras from best buy a year in March. When i went to exchange them i was told we had to pay a difference of $42 dollars b/c you could no longer get them in a two pack. This is very unfair and miss leading to spend that much money to pay that after an extended warranty was bought. I would like my difference paid back to me or the money i paid for the Extended warranty

Hey @Pabreland. Is this an extender warranty that you bought from Best Buy or Ring? Is this a difference you had to pay with Best Buy or Ring? If this is in regards to our third party retailer, you will need to bring this concern u with them in order to get this addressed. I do apologize that you are dealing with this difference you are having to pay, and if you give our support team a call if this is in regards to a warranty with Ring, they can follow up accordingly with you.

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