Extended warranty – does cam need to remain in account continuously?

From what I can gather, in order for the Ring Protect extended warranty to apply to a purchased device, it must be added to your account within the standard warranty period, and your Ring Protect subscription must be continuous.

But what if you purchase a camera that you end up deciding not to use right now and just want to store away until later? (In this scenario, I’d prefer to not have an offline camera present in the app, so I’d like to remove it.) Do you have to keep it in your account continuously in order for the warranty to remain in effect? Or is it sufficient to just add it to your account to “activate” the warranty, and then you can remove it until you eventually decide to put it into service and re-add it to your account?

Example: I have a Ring Protect Plus or Pro plan, I add a camera to my account, and then I remove it. A year and a day later (so the factory warranty has expired), I re-add it to my account. Assuming my Ring Protect plan has been in place continuously, does that camera still have extended warranty coverage?

Hi @MichaelC. The extended warranty offered by your Ring Protect Plus or Pro plan applies to the devices on your Ring account. Removing devices from your account may void the extended warranty if the standard warranty has already expired. I’d recommend keeping this Camera on your account, and reaching out to our support team to verify the warranty on any of your devices.

Thank you for the response… I will keep the unused cameras in my account.

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