Hello I purchased my ring about 2 weeks ago and when i set it up during the day time the picture is sooo bright that i cant see past the porch, so i chatted with a rep and they sent me a wedge kit, which i installed, but it does not help :frowning: the picture is perfect for the first seconds and then the exposure moves in and whites out everything more that 5 feet away, how can this be fixed or do i have malfunctioned video doorbell?

Hey @wwoet23. Could you show us a video example of this? The people in the Community I’m sure would love to see what you’re referencing to see if we can help further with this!

I have this same problem! Nothing works please someone help. I cannot see past the porch and I got this to help keep an eye on my nieces in the front yard

Installed my Ring doorbell a awhile ago. I have always had the white background in the videos. I have tried the wedges, didn’t work. Not really sure how to fix it.

Hi neighbors! While we do have many settings in the Ring app to tailor your Ring device to your environment, lens adjustment is best done through physical angling or mounting options. For night time, our device feature night vision and will automatically adjust.

For too much sunlight, enclosed entry ways, or direct sunlight, angling the Doorbell or even mounting it beyond the enclosed portion of the entryway is the best solution. As the Video Doorbell is intended to cover entryways, we see many neighbors will add a second Ring device to cover other parts of their property. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: