Expected lifespan of doorbell battery?

I have two Video Doorbell 2 devices and 3 batteries. I have the third so that the doorbell can be powered up while a depleted battery is charging. We live in the Midwest, so all kinds of temperatures. It is not hardwired, but both have the small solar panel base attached.

I usually get alerts to my phone and email about once per month as they drop to 30% charge. One of the batteries did not alert until 5% last time around, and nearly immediately after that, the doorbell powered down, no warning. I recharged the battery, and the next time I used it, it would not power up either doorbell. The other two batteries still work just fine.

So, my question is, how many years lifespan should I expect of the battery before it is no longer effective? Is it expected that a battery in service since about 2019 would reach end-of-life by now or could something else be wrong?

Hi @steveontheriver. It’s really difficult to say what the lifespan is, as there are many factors. Like you mentioned, temperature plays a part in this as well as activity and charge cycles, and how long the battery is left on the charger, etc. Under perfect conditions, that battery can easily last up to 500 full discharge cycles. This number can decrease based on the experience your battery has. I’d say this could be anywhere from 3-5 years. This is not an “official answer”, but it should serve as a general baseline for lithium-ion batteries in general.

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