Exit delay notifications and recording when motion

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First of all sorry for mu english :wink:

I have a Ring alarm and 3 cam and a Ring plan.

I have 2 questions.

Exit delay and notification:

Befor I leave home I set my Ring base in “outside mode”. A exit delay starts (1 min in my case). Just before I leave outside my home, If I pass just behin one of my cam I have a notification on my phone (Android). But in this case it is completly useless because it’s me behing my cam and it’s OK. Is there a way to remove this notification for cam (and maybe detectors) just during the exits delay (of course!).

In my Android phone, in the notifications parameters for Ring app I can see :

-Motion Notification

-Cam 1 motion notification

-Cam 2 motion notification

-Cam 2 motion notification

-Ring Alarm

-Ring alarm Ring alarm - alarm in progress (alram is sounding)

Do you think I can set to off Cam1-3 motion notification? In this case will I receive notification if someone enter my home when i will be outside?

It’s not clear for me all this notifications and I found no information to explain, so not sure to understand all these notifications, 6 notifications in my case.

Last question, recording cam:

When a cam starts recording (30 sec in my case) will it start recording again at the end of the 30 sec. time if a motion is still detected (like Arlo does) ? I’m afraid the cam will “wait” before recording again.

Thank you for your help !

Hi @SsnickersS. There is not a way to disable camera notifications specifically during your exit delay for your Ring Alarm. You can use Modes for Cameras to adjust how your cameras operate depending on the status of your home.

To make sure your Cameras do not have a dwell time in between recordings, you’ll want to adjust the Motion Frequency. This will allow your Camera to record every time it detects a motion. I hope this information helps!

Hello Tom_Ring

Thank tou for your answer !

I think it should be a good thing to ovoid the camera to recod during exit delay as it will show us and it’s useless.

I habe another questions so I create a new discussion and accept your solution.


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