Existing zwave door/window sensors

Can i use the alarm with my existing non-ring door/window and motion sensors and what functionality do i lose if I do so? thinking about switching to Ring Alarm but likely won’t do it if I need to upgrade all my sensors. I searched all over to find some information on using non-ring sensors but couldn’t find any info on compatibility other than basic. My existing system allows me to indicate if a sensor is connected to the alarm or notification only. if its notification only (e.g. liquor cabinet) I get a notification any time it’s tripped and at no time does it trigger alarm even when it is set to armed. if connected to the alarm, i can specify notifications when the alarm is in standby mode. will i be able to replicate or do i need to by Ring sensors?

These may, or may not, help.

Hi @monkeyboy90. You may be able to add third-party sensors to the Ring Alarm in the Ring app, but you will have very limited or no functionality on them. Under the Set Up a Device tab, you’ll see Works with Ring where you can attempt to add your third-party sensors, but we can’t guarantee you’ll get the functionality you’re looking for.