Existing Ring Protect Plus plan with Verizon

I currently have multiple ring cameras with the Ring Protect Plus plan. I am wanting to add the ring alarm system but it is my understanding that I have to purchase this from Verizon and get their Security by Ring plan.

Will I be able to move my cameras from the Ring Protect Plus plan over to Verizon’s Security by Ring so I only need to pay for one plan? Or will I need to pay for both plans?

If everything can be part of the Verizon Security by Ring plan, does everything still work using the existing Ring apps?


Good questions, @Prospero423! You will be able to manage all of your devices at your location under one plan. To ensure all of your Alarm and Camera devices are compatible for the Security by Ring plan check out this help center article, specifically these links in the article:
What if my subscription isn’t compatible with my Ring Alarm?
Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Camera, and accessory device support for Verizon customers

In regards to the Ring app, this should continue to work as normal. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: