Exchange doorbell 2 for doorbell 3 plus

I wanted to exchange the doorbell 2 for the doorbell 3 plus. Quoted below says I can if in warranty but over the phone support they said no. Needs to be after 90 days of the doorbell 3 plus being released. Online says one thing phone support says something else. Not happy. Please someone from Ring get back to me.

‘Can I upgrade or exchange my previous generations Ring Video Doorbell to a Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus? I’m willing to pay the difference.’

Yes. The Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be exchanged for a Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, however, this transaction can only be handled through our community support team if the unit is still under warranty.

On link it’s the second question

Is there a link to this? I’ve never heard of upgrades. I have an old doorbell 2 under warranty. I’d love to upgrade it. So, if you can post the link or screenshot of where it says this please.

Please see edited original post with link.

Very interesting. Thanks! I hope it will be cleared up here. It definitely says you can. I guess customer service doesn’t have this information yet. One of the Ring moderators should be able to help. Thanks again

Hey Neighbors!

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I want to acknowledge that the information you have received over the phone from our support team was in fact how our current exchange policy was. Since the launch of several new devices, we have been looking at updating this exchange policy, as this policy was created and has not been modified since 2017. As a company, we have grown since then and added a variety of new products to help neighbors expand their ring of security.

At this time, we have removed the Help Center Article that you have originally linked while we look into making modifications and updates to the exchange policy to best fit business needs. In addition, since this article did not have information that aligned with our current policy, we wanted to take this down as soon as possible to avoid confusion with other neighbors. I greatly appreciate your patience in the meantime.

When we have an official updated policy, I will make sure to let you neighbors know what that looks like in this thread! I appreciate your patience in the meantime, and will continue to come back to this thread whenever I have appropriate updates on this situation. Thank you neighbors!

Don’t seem to understand why customer service are letting me exchange the ring doorbell 3 for an older version but not to an upgraded version even though I don’t mind paying the difference. Why would anyone want to swap to the older version. This really doesn’t make any sense and really doesn’t give good customer service to say the least.