Everything Ring shows offline!

Hi all,

A couple of days ago, everything Ring went offline. Lighting bridge, cameras, doorbell, everything, yet WiFi is up and running and so are all other internet connected devices. I’ve checked my account and I’m up to date with pay, but that wouldn’t impact the offline status. I’ve rebooted the cameras and bridge and they are still offline. There’s no restriction between the WiFi and the cameras. They all have a direct connection to the internet. I’m able to get on ring.com from inside my network, so that seems to be fine as well.

Anyone had any issues with things just going offline and not coming back? There have been zero changes to my WiFi or network, so not sure what it may be. Seems odd all 8 cameras, doorbell and bridge would go offline at once!


Have you rebooted your router and wifi extenders (if any) yet?

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Yes, multiple times.

Okay, I figured it out. For some odd reason, a router update changed my internal IP, causing the cameras to go offline. I changed it back and they are all back up. Odd!


Hey @RingyDingDing. Glad you were able to figure this out!

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