Everything is set up but the chime and pro chime won’t ring

We have three things
One doorbell
One chime
One chime Pro extender

The doorbell will ring but the chimes won’t. The app says they are all connected and set up.

What do you suggest?

Btw not being able to get a human to talk to and reading “support doesn’t help you set up our products” is pretty poor customer service In my opinion. I’m trying to help my mom And I will never buy a Ring after helping her today.

Sorry to hear about this experience @VioletZ! Your Ring Doorbell and Chimes should certainly work together to provide sound in your home when the button to ring is pressed. After a first time setup, often times your devices will update and might need a moment before they begin to work as configured.

We commonly see neighbors setup their Doorbells and Chimes successfully, but not link them in the Ring app. Linking your Doorbell to both of your Chimes is an important step in ensuring they are communicating for notifications. Here’s our help center article on how to link these devices.

Once the devices are successfully linked for ring and motion alerts, please also check the Chime settings in your Ring app and assign a Chime tone that you’d like to sound for alerts. This should complete the linking and alert configuration process, and all of your Ring devices should now work together. :slight_smile: