Every door contact sensor went offline today

I have a ring alarm system with 4 movement sensors and 6 door contact sensors. Today every door contact sensor lost contact with the base station. The movement sensors and keypad remain connected. Nothing I do appears to be able to get the door contact sensors back online. Anyone come across this before and does anyone have any ideas? The contacts are less than 6 months old and the batteries are fine. I even tried removing failed door contact but the system won’t even allow that.

Hi @user57157. Try rebooting your Base Station to see if it helps your Sensors reconnect. To reboot it, Quickly press and release the reset button at the back of the device with a paper clip or similar tool. DO NOT PRESS AND HOLD THE RESET BUTTON DOWN LONGER THAN ONE SECOND TO AVOID FACTORY RESETTING THE DEVICE. If you have tried this step and your Sensors are still offline, give our support team a call for further assistance.

Had this happen this morning. Rebooting base station pro didn’t work, and to push the stupid sync button once on all 14 of the connected devices and keypads… As I was trying to leave for work…

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