Every day at same time Rings

Every day the Ring doorbell rings at 7:40am. it’s been 3-Days we go out there and there’s nothing, we also have other monitoring cameras so we know there’s no activity.
Why is it happening? How can we fix it?

Hi there, @BayRealExperts! If it is a Ring Chime device that is sounding, it is best to check for all devices that might be linked to the Chime for ring or motion alerts.

If this is an existing internal chime kit that is sounding on it’s own, this will likely be due to wiring. Please ensure your Video Doorbell button is not stuck pressed in and there is not debris or obstructions around the button. Next, please check our chime kit compatibility list to ensure your chime kit model can be used with your Video Doorbell. I recommend also checking your event history in the Ring app to see if any actual ring events show up and record due to this. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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