Every camera will not render live video to IOS app

I’m not sure if this is an app issue, an architecture issue with your backend, or a camera firmware issue. So, I’m starting here.

As of this morning, every camera I have (stick up wired at 5ghz, doorbell pro at 5ghz, floodlight and spotlight wired at 2.4ghz, stick up wired via PoE) refuses to render video streams to the app. It complains about connection problems either at the client end or the camera end. It does this with all of these, including the wired camera.

It does so regardless of the client or connectivity: I can have my phone on the WLAN adjacent this one pushing 200mps/plus to the internet or I can have the phone on LTE with fantastic signal strength. I can have an Ipad on a neighbor’s wifi at 5ghz pushing 200mps+ over the same cable headend to netflix, but it also cannot connect to any of the cams citing “signal strength” on one end or the other.

My home wifi is Ubiquiti Unifi. None of the ring 2.4ghz ring devices see worse than -60 dbm, ever. The 5ghz ones run -45dbm to -55dbm. The PoE one speaks for itself. I have not changed configuration, code, nor is there anything to suggest the RF environment is screwed, much less across both bands.

Motion triggered videos look fine. The snapshot captures look fine. The app will pull static images just fine. It won’t do live video on a dare starting today. Could use a little help, since I’m almost positive nothing has changed on my end.