Event sharing not working

When going to events on ring video doorbell, share option not working any longer and causes pixel 5 to keep restarting.
Have rebooted phone. Have uninstalled and reinstalled ring app.
Not working. This is a new issue!
I wanted to forward, share the video link with someone as in the past.

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Others with Pixel 6s have reported the same issue. I’m using a Pixel 4a 5G with no issue.
You’ll have to try to share via a browser.

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I’m having the exact same problem on a Pixel 6. Deleted and reinstalled Ring app, no improvement. I click on Share and the app freezes and then my phone reboots. Not sure when this started because I don’t share video often. What to do, other than wait for updates?

Today is the first day of installing my Ring Alarm. I’m also trying to share videos with a Pixel 6 to friends and family so they can buy the Ring Alarm but Ring is giving a bad impression already

Why, because Google pushed an update out to your phone that broke sharing in the Ring app?
I believe I’ve seen mention that this issue has been passed onto Support to take a look at.