Event History

Hi, I was just deleting the event histories and a message displayed that some of them had been starred by another user. I’m the only person with access so how is that possible?

Hey @Shepster123. When you go into the Ring app > main menu > Settings > Users, you don’t have any shared users here, correct? If not, it’s possible you may have accidentally starred an event in the past, thus giving you this prompt when deleting the event. It can be easy to do this from time to time since you can slide to star an event when in the event history, so this may have been done in mistake and resulting in that message.

I have the same issue. I do not have any shared users and I know I haven’t accidently starred an event in the past because it happens when I’m deleting events from overnight or the previous day that I’ve not viewed.

Thank you for confirming, @Tearose55! With there being no shared users and this seemingly occurring often for you, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Next, visit the Control Center in your Ring app main menu. In the Control Center, select the Authorized Devices to check for any additional devices logged in, and to remove any devices not in use. If this starred video prompt pops up in the Ring app again, please capture a screen shot and share here so we can take a closer look.