Event History won't play

I can’t play videos from the Event History. I have 2 Samsungs, one with version 3.19.0 and the other with version 3.18.0. I have a Nokia with version 3.19.0. None of them will play the videos. I also cannot view Event History on a families camera either. The live feed works fine and I can view the history on my laptop but not through the app.

Sorry to hear that this is happening @Fredsdead! To start, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app on at least 2 of these phones to see if it makes an improvement in functionality. When testing a live view on a mobile device, please ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled, as well as trying on wifi only and again on data only.

Please let us know how this goes! Thank you :slight_smile:

We just developed the same issue today. 3 up to date Samsung phones, none of them are able to play the event history when our phones are connected to our wi-fi. If we turn off wi-fi and switch to data, the app works as it should. There are absolutely no other issues with our wi-fi or equipment, we have checked/tested everything. We have tried the uninstall/reinstall method, cleared caches and cleaned our phones out. We have tried everything and are 100% certain the problem is with the Ring app. We are also able to use the app normally on laptops and with our Kindles (android) and these devices are connecting via the same wi-fi as the Samsung phones that can’t play back videos from the event history.


I have exactlythe same problem. My ring playback was working fine until maybe yesterday, suddenly I can’t view history whatas so ever. However, if I use 4G LTE then it works fine. Live view and answering is also working perfectly. Just not playback… so weird

There is an issue with the service. In device help you can see the Ring status. I copied this from that page below.

Error loading eventsSubscribe
Monitoring - Our provider that was having intermittent DNS resolution errors has mitigated the problem. We are currently monitoring the results.
Oct 23, 04:11 UTC
Identified - The cause of this issue has been identified as Intermittent DNS resolution errors through one of our providers.
Oct 22, 19:26 UTC
Investigating - Currently neighbors are experiencing issues downloading or viewing events in the Ring app
Oct 22, 18:19 UTC

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Thanks @Eagle328 ! Is everyone able to view their videos?

It’s listed as corrected now. So it should be working now.

The app works again. I went to bed with no event history but when I woke the next morning everything is working. I didn’t change any settings or reset my router so I’m fairly confident that it was the app.


This is marked as solved, but I’m still struggling with this on my Samsung Galaxy S10. Anyone else?

I am still having issues with my iPhone! I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and that didn’t work. I can see the live feed fine but not the history.

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Same problem here. Cant view event history. It shows the notifications but when i click to view them nothing happens. Video wont pop up to view. Just started doing this a few days ago.

Same problem here. Cant view event history. It shows the notifications but when i click to view them nothing happens. Video wont pop up to view. Just started doing this a few days ago. Try everything reinstalled the app. Clear Cache. Does not work will wi-fi and when i turn the wi-fi off. The live view works find too

It was working great then last week it staring acting up

I have Samsung Galaxy A10e

What should I do

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I have a Samsung Note 10. Only within the last few days I cannot get the playback on my event history. I see this problem marked as resolved, but not sure who that applies to. Mine is not resolved.

Same problem, just updated my iPhone too. Didn’t work. Tried with and without WiFi, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. iPhone 8

Hi neighbors! If you are continuing to have this concern, please ensure you have the most up to date version of your Ring app installed. In addition, make sure that you have the most up to date operating system on your device, are logged into the Ring app, and try to look at your event history.

Please note you will need an active Ring Protect Plan in order have your events stored and viewable. Turn on/off your wifi to ensure it’s not the network you’re connected to on your phone that is preventing the event from loading, and that you do not have your phone connected to any VPN. If this has not been a solution for you still, please reach out to our support team here for further troubleshooting!

This happened to me as of yesterday. Still not working on any of my devices. Chat support is useless. I’ll try the uninstall/reinstall solution and see what happenes. Maybe its time to push an update? currently on Iphone XR.

I have iPhone XR and wife also has iPhone also and is not letting us see previous events. Black screen shows up with ring in left upper corner. This is a bummer

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I’m having the same problem on a new Samsung S10. Cannot play event history unless it was an hour previous to current time.

Same here. I can view recordings of unanswered motion events but I cannot view live view recordings.

System status shows issues today