Event History View and Scrolling

After searching for several minutes to find the Event in my history timeline for the exact date and time frame I needed to see something. I found it. Then I clicked the back button and it takes me all the back to the most recent event and not where I was in my search. This is so very frustrating when your searching through a specific date and time.cluster and then to have to scroll and search all over again. Any ideas?

@malonzo2 ,

Yes, it can be frustrating . . . . we feel your pain, but there is stuff you can do that will minimize this pain. To start with, you didn’t specify where you were looking for your “History” video. Was it by using a phone Ring App (either android or iOS iPhone), or were you using a the Ring App on your PC (Mac or Windows), or a tablet app (android or iOS)? You can get all these app for different platforms at:


Or were you on the Ring.com internet website and looking at your “History” video there? The reason I ask is because each of these Ring Apps and the Ring website all are slightly different, and also different in what they can do when searching History Events.

In most of them, while in the “History” section, you can use the Filters (Answered, Motion, Live-View, Starred, Linked, Linked Alarm, Linked Motion, etc). These filter can cut out the events that you are sure are not among the desired video that you are looking for, thus limiting your search from all of the whole histories. Not all Apps have the same filters and not all the same functions too. Maybe different programming code-writer each working on a different platform app . . . . I dunno.

Of these choice platforms, the App for the Window PC or Windows Tablet is the least “friendly” when it comes to filtering all your 2-months worth of Video recordings. Besides, ALL, it only has four filters (Rings, Motion, Live, and Starred).

The iOS Ring App for (iPhones and iPads and MAC) is just as good as the Android Ring App (for android phones and tablets). These are better for searching for an event. From the main menu your can select “History” and you’ll see you have a choice between “Camera History” (All camera with 4 filters), or “Alarm History” (no filters), or “Light History” (no filters). But, in these same Apps you can go to main menu > Devices > then select the camera or continue to another type of device and then select “Event History” and you will find only the History for that one device. This real handy if you have multple cameras, but you want to look for History of one particular camera.

Additionally, on the iOs and Android Apps, you can jump to a specific day without scrolling at all. There are several ways to get yourself to the Live-View “TimeLine” bar on these app. Once there note the center oval Icon in the middle that says “Today.” Well you probably didn’t notice the tiny Calendar in the left part of this oval. Instead of scrolling on the “TimeLine” banner, you can tap the “Today” oval and a Calendar will appear at the bottom of th screen. Now you can rapidly pick the calendar date of the event and the “TimeLine” banner will jump right to that date and start playing the video, without the need to do any scrolling.

What if you don’t know the exact day that you’re looking for? But you can narrow the date is somewhere in between a time-span of a couple of days, for example say last week Tuesday the 11th and Saturday the 15th? This is when you want to use the Ring.com website. Login and verify, and click on “My Dashboard.” There you have two methods to view History, by either:

-Click on “History” at the top (just left of the “Dashboard”) and in the upper left corner of the next page will display “Event History” with it defaulted to “All Cameras.”


-Click on a display camera view of your choice, and the next page will display “Event History” already changed to this camera’s history only (instead of “All Cameras”).

Even if you got to the default “All Cameras” or picked the incorrect camera view, just click on that on that Event History selection and a pulldown appears for you to pick another camera, or back to “All Cameras.”

Now to select the narrowed time-span period of dates, click on “Filter Events” and under “By Date” click on “All Available Dates” which will drop-down a calendar. Select your specific date, or in our example select the period beginning date (Tuesday the 11th) and click on the period end date (Saturday the 15th). Then click “Save” at the bottom of the calendar, close this “Filter Event” and it will sort and display only the Events between the 11th and 15th. Cool huh? Later, remember to reselect that calendar pull-down and click “clear” and close the Filter Event, so that time-span Event Filter is removed.

The one irritating issue using the Ring website for “My Dashboard” is if you have enough delayed inactivity on this page, you might get timed-out and logged off, and you’ll have to go through the entire logon and verify process again. But it is nice you can filter for a specific time-spam period and individual camera at the same time.

So, anytime you are search for a specific video recording, choose the App or website that will ‘ease the pain’ the best. I hope you find this information useful :slight_smile: