Event history timeline no longer shows time?

With the latest app update (adding snapshots and modes), I no longer get a timestamp on the event history timeline. All it says is “Motion” or the other events, but no time.

Is this something new? How can I get the time stamps back?

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Hey @kcatigbe. When viewing an event on your Event History Timeline, we have the timestamp for the video at the bottom left hand corner of the video itself. Therefore, you will know what kind of event it was where it says “Motion,” “Ding,” etc, and you will be able to see the time stamp of when it was in the video at the bottom left hand corner. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to get the timestamp back on the timeline? I liked that much better.


Hi. I think the color actually indicates the type of events (Motion, Ding, Live View). Having the timestamp in the timeline history bar will be more straightforward for us to skim through the events. Otherwise we will need to check every event and find the time. I’d vote to have the time stamp back into the history timeline as well.

I am fairly new. The PC Windows app (web App) shows no anotations on the history playback screen - no date, no time, no camera name, no trigger. Chelsea_Ring’s post does not correlate at all with what I see.

I want to play all recordings for one camera for a time interval and am having no luck.