Event History not working!

Hey Guys,

First off amazing product. I did discover a bug or a feature oversight that I wanted to see about getting resolved, if possible.

I have a motion detector in my gym and I ignore it (disable it) when the alarm is in home mode.

When I go to the event history from 10pm to 7am I see no notifications or “events” on my gym motion detector during that time, although I definitely was in there.

So I did another test and ignored a door, set to home mode, and opened and closed the door while the alarm was set to home mode.

The door sensor obviously did not trigger the alarm, which is what I want, but it also failed to record the event of the door opening.

I’d like to have the devices continue to record the event logs even if they are set to be ignored for a specific alarm mode.

This could greatly give me flexibility to understand who is coming and going without having to sound an alarm, if for example I wanted to track how many times I went to the gym while my home was armed.

There are many other use cases, like taking the dog out to pee, while ignoring a specific door, then wanting to see what time I took the dog out last.

Anyways, it would be great if I could still get a log of events in my event history for devices that are ignored. Keep in mind the event history of the gym motion sensor works when the alarm is not set. It only seems to stop recording events when I set to home mode and the sensor is ignored for that mode.

Hello @Magnum45 ,

Something isn’t right. Your Ring Alarm Motion and Contact Sensors are always ON (only true way to disable them is to remove the batteries). So, your sensors should always be “talking” to your Alarm Base Station. Then the Base Stations communicates to your Ring phone App. Whether or not you have your alarm sensors configured to Chirp, send ‘pushed’ text-type notifications, or be used during Alarm Armed Modes, the phone’s App “Event History” should STILL DISPLAY every time a Motion Sensor detected motion and Contact Sensor open/closed. Note: Disabling a motion sensor on a non-alarm device (such as a Ring Video Cam) is different than on an alarm Motion Sensor.

Be sure to check “Event History” on your mobile phone App (not the online Apps) , because what you described above is not normal. You should indeed have an event log in the “Event History” available to you, even if they are set to be ignored.

Now, if you are referring to a log of those ‘pushed’ text-type notifications, true you will not get notifications if you have disabled those.

I hope you find this information helpful :wink:

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