Event History and Live View don't work; Great signal strength; Unifi Wifi setup

I upgraded my temporary WiFi to a multi WAP Unifi system, on a 200Mbps Comcast connection.

Ring (1st gen) gives me prompt notifications when someone approaches the door, but sends no Events to the cloud. Attempting to engage Live View gets the spinning icon for 30 seconds and then “Live View Ended”.

I have a WAP just inside the wood wall, and signal strength is a very strong RSSI -28.

Power source is hardwired.

It is NOT intermittent - Live View never works, and zero Events are recorded in the cloud (for which I am paying).

It worked with a Google Wifi with much lower signal strength.

I’m pretty sure it’s some firewall setting on my Unifi setup, but nothing in


seems to be helpful.

I have no new restrictions on the firewall, only additionally openend ports.

I have enabled uPnP, and it works for other devices.

Any suggestions?

I’m having the same issue with Live view and working on it now. If I figure out the fix I will be sure to update the post.

Have you recently updated your IOS Version. I’ve determined it’s the new IOS upgrade causing the issue. It works on my wife’s phone with an older version of IOS.

Tested it with two different iPhones and a Pixel 3 Android phone. Same each way.