Ethernet Security Camera Status Offline

Anyone else just start noticing that the hard wired Ethernet security cameras are now all showing a status of offline under device health?

They work just fine but something has changed in the app or the online system to cause this. Obviously it is a bug.

Hey @RogC2020. If your devices are reporting as offline, there may have been something that happens on your router that kicked them offline. Are they still recording events and documenting them in your event history? If you’re getting no events and it’s offline, please go into the Device Health section and walk through reconnecting the device to your internet! Let me know how this goes. :slight_smile:

This just started happening, nothing has changed on my router end and I have already reconnected all of them to Internet and they reconnect just fine but always show a status of offline, even though they work just fine. It is only happening to these Ethernet hard wired cameras. My WiFi cameras show status online and work just fine.

@RogC2020 I’m glad you already have them connected, that’s great! There is one more thing to try to get them to report as online in the app. If you can, please remove the Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the Ring app. If they still show offline, please attach a screenshot of them stating this for me please! :slight_smile:

I have been experiencing this very problem for a while, and despite following the steps above in attempt to resolve the problem, it persists. I have attached screen shots to show this. The cameras are working perfectly in every respect, but it is somewhat annoying that they show as “offline” in Device Health. A solution would be very welcome.

Hey @RCC. Thank you for attaching those screenshots! By any chance, could you please give our support team a call here to provide them with these and see if there is anything they can do on their end? They can take a deeper look into your account and devices and see what firmware they are on, or what else could be possibly causing this! Please feel free to come back to this thread and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I have just spent some time talking to Support on the phone. It would probably have been a much shorter call had they realised at the outset that my Stick Up Cams are connected via PoE, but once we got to that point, it seems that there is a known problem with cameras thus connected on the latest firmware (not sure what Version No. that is), and they are working on a fix, with no ETA stated.


Is it possible that user is using Win 10 like I am that had recent updates, the latest 1909…

I have a device (not Ring) unable to connect to Win 10 via Ethernet as of 4/2/20, spending hours and hours on and was told that possibly one of the last three (3) Win 10 updates may be the issue. Update 1909 was ironically auto installed on 4/2/20!

Not tech savy at all but thought I’d share this information for Ring experts or community users that may want to explore…

PS I do use the door bells and some cameras…Now considering the Security system and exploring/researching thus finding this thread. I will be ordering the system and hopefully it will connect…Love the Ring doorbells and the great outdoor cameras!

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Windows 10 is certainly not the issue for me. I use the Ring App from the Windows store on my PC and the devices correctly show as “Online” in that app. The issue I have is with the Ring App on both iPhone and iPad, where Device Health is incorrectly showing the cameras as “Offline”.

Yes, same. I just installed on the 2nd and had issues every other day. Any advice? I used a 6-cat wired to install. It’ll be online for a full day, then off and I can’t get it back until I unplug the power completely and let it reboot.

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I have hte same problem, Device Health says Offline and Connection type is Ethernet. When I try the Reconnect to the Internet it tries to use Wifi. I bought a POE camera because I want it to use Ethernet, not Wifi. This is rediculous and I’m about ready to return the camera.

I have a similar issue however if swaps between windows 10 app and ring app for android showing as offline but still recording. I wonder if the supplied POE adaptor is powerful enough for long runs? I will try a higher amperage unit and see how i get on. We also have large fluctations in power in NZ from 220-240volt that could be effecting it.