Erroneous motion notifications on Android app

Hello. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been getting notifications on the android app every time a car goes down the street. I have a motion zone set up which excludes the street and the door bell history does not show these events (it does record events when someone approaches the door etc.).
It has been working fine for 5 or 6 months. I’ve even reset it and set it up again from scratch. Reinstalled the app etc.
It’s as if the doorbell is seeing the car and sending a notification and then deciding it wasn’t a valid event instead of validating before sending the alert.
Can anyone suggest a resolution short of turning off notifications (which defeats the object of having the doorbell.
Also, just after one of these phantom notifications, Live View won’t connect but works fine at other times.

Hi @badgerduck. You may want to try adjusting the angle of your Doorbell using a Wedge Kit if it’s catching a lot of motion from the street. You can find all of the Wedge and Corner Kits on our website here, which can be used to angle the Doorbell down to help ensure its view is more on your pathway as opposed to the road. This alongside adjusting your Motion Zones as needed should help cut down on the excess of notifications you’ve been receiving. :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring I turned off advanced motion detection and that seems to have made a difference. It’s been working fine for months so I’m guessing there’s been a firmware update that’s broken it.
It’s interesting that the doorbell doesn’t log the events in the history. It can obviously see everything and is deciding what’s an event and what isn’t based on the settings but sending a notification whatever.

Quick update on this. Turning off the Advanced Motion detection has resolved the problem so there’s clearly an issue with this feature at the moment.

My front door Ring does this at times. Like a ghost is ringing the bell but nothing shows up. The camera isn’t triggered. It seems to occur when it’s raining or below freezing temperatures. I’ve contacted CS about this before and they say it’s the brace that gone bad. I’ve replaced it and still the issue persists without a valid reason for ringing. Especially alarming when this happens in the late night hours. Wakes everyone up and scares my kiddos thinking someone is at the door.