Entryway keypad offline

The entryway keypad appears to be offline. I am able to reconnect it manually but it seems to go offline shortly afterwards and stays offline. The other window/door contacts, mention sensors and water sensors so not have any connectivity issues. The keypad is in the same room as the alarm base station

As it always been “funky” ?

A lot of ideas in this thread especialy starting on page 2. As well the support number is on the bottom of page 2.

Z-Wave drive me nuts because it could be connecting to your repeater that is somewehere else. If you have a repeater you might bring it in the same room for giggles to see if it improves.


pressing #1 for 5 seconds apears to be the fist step

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How do I get my keypad back on line again

@Alec wrote:

How do I get my keypad back on line again

Hello @Alec ,

These links have instructions for troubleshooting you Keypad:

Gen 1 Keypad:


Gen 2 Keypad:


And if you still are unsuccessful getting your Keypad connected, you should telephone Ring Support for additional help :


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours and available Ring services have been changed also:



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